Quick Conversion Tips for Hotjar.com

Hello, Hotjar!

After looking over your landing page for a few minutes, I noticed some immediate opportunities for possible conversion boosts and customer delighting that I wanted to let you know about. These are just my initial observations, nothing deep or all-encompassing.

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Clear vs. Clever

It doesn’t pass the grunt test

The grunt test?!

Yeah, the grunt test- even a caveman has to be able to look at it and understand it right away. It has to be simple.

That’s a snippet of a conversation I had this week with my buddy Shane. He just built an amazing web-app that we’re hoping will be the next [put awesome multi-billion dollar unicorn startup here]. Shane brought me on board to help him scale this not yet publicly released startup, and we’re in the home stretch of finalizing the copy.

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How Do I Get Clients?

“How do I get clients?”

This is a question I get weekly.

NOT THIS WAY: If you’re new or haven’t put much thought into it, (like I did when I first started out), you’re offering every single possible service that exists and not getting anywhere. I mean, you do web design, content marketing, SEO, copywriting, build cool shit on Adobe Illustrator, and even do social media management (or another grab bag of all-encompassing stuff).

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